Hi there, thanks for visiting my site.

I’m Stephen, a wedding photographer living in Kildare with my wife Polly and our three children.

I've always been taking photos, documenting anything that was going on with family and friends. I bought my first film camera in 1996 and studied photography in college, but I came to wedding photography from a background in sports television.

The mysterious arrival of three children between 2012-2016 had me picking up my camera day in, day out and becoming completely obsessed by documentary-style photography, in addition to the street photography hobby I had acquired in the iPhone 3s/4 era - when phone snaps started looking ok. Random googling led me to some incredible documentary wedding photographers whose work inspired me and showed that capturing a wedding didn't have to involve cheesy staged moments. I shot my first wedding in December 2017, and I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to photograph weddings all over Ireland since then.

I love to shoot weddings in the style of a photojournalist, as natural and unobtrusive as possible, with a focus on emotion and personality. I use small cameras and lenses that help me to blend in with the guests but I also make sure to catch everything important as it unfolds. There are moments to be captured everywhere you look during a wedding day and I love picking up on reactions, interactions, eruptions of joy and madness and of course the raw emotions of the main players.

My style works best when telling the full story of the day from start to finish.

Please contact me for more details or to chat over any questions you might have that aren’t covered in the FAQ. It would be great to hear from you.